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To facilitate your travel arrangements to Cyprus and ensure the capture of all necessary information required by the Health authorities, we have created this online portal where you can complete all the necessary formalities in a quick and easy way and receive your authorisation to fly.

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*Passengers travelling to the Republic of Cyprus from a country not included in Categories Green or Orange or Red, are required to obtain beforehand a special permit. Read more 

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Apply for your CyprusFlightPass within 48 hours before the commencement of your travel from the Country of Origin to the Republic of Cyprus (either direct flight or via intermediate Countries).


Visit Cyprus

Discover an island rich in history and culture, and full of wonderful experiences just waiting to be enjoyed. If you are heading to Cyprus, everything you need to plan your perfect trip is here on the Deputy Ministry of Tourism website, from information and facts to interesting ideas and downloadable brochures.

Invest Cyprus

Invest Cyprus supports international companies and investors wishing to expand their operations, relocate or invest in Cyprus.
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Country Categories

Countries are categorized according to their epidemiological situation into categories Green, Orange and Red, with category Green having the most favorable epidemiological status. Any Countries not defined below are treated as Grey (Special Permission) category. The categorisation of Countries will be updated weekly by the Ministry of Health.

Application Process

In order to support the containment of COVID-19 in Cyprus all inbound passengers are required to present a 'flight pass' to fly prior to boarding. The requirements defined by the Ministry of Health are dependant on a number of factors about you and your visit.